Marital Misconduct

We provide the documentation and evidence that can help you and your attorney get what is rightfully yours in divorce proceedings. If your spouse is cheating, we will find out the truth. We can determine if there is any intent or inclination of cheating. All the latest equipment may be used. We use GPS tracking devices and the best in video and camera equipment. All of our infidelity agents are trained in the methods of covert surveillance.

Don’t wonder whether your suspicions are warranted any longer, let us help you find out the truth about your spouse or partner. Learning whether marital misconduct is occurring is important for your safety, health, financial outcome in divorce proceedings, and for your peace of mind. Give us a call at 910.341.0006 today or visit one of our six private investigation offices to learn more.


Make sure your alimony settlement is fair. We can help provide evidence that an ex spouse is not adhering to the parameters of your divorce settlement, which could result in cancelled alimony.